What a weekend, last week. Nathan and Danielle and Reuben, our youngest, now 18 and graduated from highschool, seen off on the plane to Brisbane. Up 3:30 am Friday to catch the 6am plane to Brisbane. Picked up by son, Kelsey in time to meet his twin brother, Nathan and wife, Danielle as they prepared to catch their plane to Los Angeles. Nathan’s guitar didn’t travel so another trip to the International Airport to pick it up from a locker. Then a few chores and change and got to the University of Queensland for, Kelsy’s fiancee, Sepideh Tarar’s graduation with a pharmacy degree. Then out to dinner with her and our family, to a great Sicilian restaurant, complete with “Godfather” movie memorabilia. Slow saturday morning, then more chores, and a quick visit to the Queensland Art gallery. Stuck in a huge summer downpour. Sunday learnt my sister, Kandie, CEO Australian Social Work Assn, was in town (Brisbane) from Canberra. Joined her and partner, Eric, my brother, Rae and his wife, Tracey for a slow lunch on Southbank Precinct. Then another dinner with Kelsey’s fiancee’s family at a Texan Steakhouse, replete with deer and bison heads. And, finally, Kelsey’s own graduation with degrees in education and arts (geography and drama majors) with just enough time to catch the plane home. Joined on that flight by our niece, Saphira, who had just come in from research on the vegetation on either side of the Rabbit proof fence near Chinchilla.


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