Fearlessness and unscientific scientific reporting.

I was intrigued by this article on a woman with a dysfunctional amygdala. Truly it is fascinating that a discrete disablement of a portion of the amygdala can eliminate fear. It is strange, however that other scientists are reported that it would be valuable in the treatment of PTSD. Obviously if you can eliminate all fear, there goes the fear response from PTSD. However, there also goes the fear of being hit by a mack truck when walking down the middle of the highway. Great for sending men back into war zones. Not so great for their survival rate. In any case, are the flashbacks going to stop? Are they generated by the amygdala? What if we just helped PTSD sufferers to re-wire their neural loops? Now I an see a role in dampening amygdala response for a short period, say up to six months, while other training was effected, but what feedback mechanism would allow the sufferer to know that a training effect was being achieved. Puzzled. Perhaps the scientists reporting could do with a little more anxiety to mediate the lauding of their work?


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