A Case of Synchronicity

I have been reading through “The Three Laws of Performance” by Steve Zaffron when, last night I reached a section that had the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

This year I have been working on a number of projects in performing arts as an exploration of using the performing arts in social discourse. One of these projects was organising the Children Festival of the Tableland Folk Festival. Through that I met a number of new people for whom the arts are front and centre of their life. One of these, with whom I found a strong connection because she is also aspiring to using her skills for more community service, went off to a Landmark Forum. On return, she strongly recommended I enrol in the forum. We had some dynamic discussion about the possibility of future collaborations, in which I had mentioned that it seemed I had been taken by dancing. At the time I didn’t elaborate, but just the mentioning of it seemed to consolidate an idea about exploring partner dancing / choreography based on a principle of equality between the partners. The question that equality raises is, “If among two people, noone is first, who begins the dance?” or “If there is no leader, how does the dance begin?” The ‘solution’ I came up with begins with the ‘sensing’ of the movement of each other through the light touch of hands. I called it ‘Hand Dancing’.

So, having enrolled in the Landmark Forum, there I was last night reading a seminal work of a couple of experts who contribute to the Landmark program, when I came to a section titled, ‘Hand Dancing’. It was a spooky moment. I found myself becoming somewhat disassociative, as if in a dream. Technically the method they wrote was different to mine, but in principle there were exciting similarities, and it took a number of re-reads to even accept that I was reading about it in the book.


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