The Whetstone and the Knife

The whetstone must grind.
It must grind the knife.
Grind the edge to a perfect sharpness.

The knife must cut.
It cannot cut the whetstone.
If it tries, it becomes blunt.
It must allow itself to be ground,
to become perfectly sharp.

The whetstone is not aware the knife is sharp.
Is not aware it made the knife sharp.
It does not care.
The whetstone must grind.

The knife must cut somewhere else,
away from the whetstone.
The knife makes a beautiful slice.
And all observers say, “Ahh.”

The knife shall not care
that the whetstone does not observe.
Only that, when the slice is not beautiful,
the observers don’t say, “Ahh.”
Then the knife should return to the whetstone.
and the whetstone welcomes the knife
and grinds.


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