Dieting is impossible.

And that is why public health programs and dieting mechanisms will not resolve the obesity epidemic in the western world.
At the moment that a person believe that they are making a sacrifice, the process is lost.
A person cannot give up anything in their life. What a person can do is raise their minds to realms in which consumption is a superfluous thing.
Baha’u’llah encourages us to “forgo that which exceeds our requirements.” This requires a sense of awareness of our requirements, our needs rather than our wants. Here I sit writing on my iPad, wondering whether my assessment that it is a worthy requirement to my life in a loftier realm where my relationships are richer, my work is more productive, my work increasingly serves humanities needs, and my learning capacity is enhanced. While my self assessment is mostly aye, there is a degree of a suggestion in my mind that, at the very least, it does not strongly support all of these aspirations. At worst it may be getting in the way.
However, I believe that the aspiration, the strategies to move toward them, the constant evaluation of where I am on the path, the concerns about whether my requirements to move strongly on the path a met, are all part of the design of a life in which the mind is increasingly becoming detached from the baser things of life for a higher order of things.
Should I attend my morning rowing sessions on Tinaroo lake because it helps my weight control or even my back strength. While I am happy it does both of these, the enjoyment of the beauty around me when I row, the enjoyment of the challenge to build my skill at rowing, the enjoyment of the other people who row, these take me rowing.
I would not like to suggest for one moment that I have attained any nirvana of detachment, or that detachment equates with any ascetic practice. Rather that this is my insight, from my own life, my clinical experience, my own challenges and my successes, and a reflection on the teachings and mission of Baha’u’llah, in the hope that both clinicians, public health workers, and people everywhere will find something here that might change their approach to improving the chronic diseases of the wealthy west in a solution that consist of taking on the greater challenge of lifting the mind and body to more wonderful heights.


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