Legal Cartels and the Apocolaypse

Lawyers in control of parliaments. Lawyers and law schools in control of a legal cartel of winner takes all regardless of the truth. Lawyers who don’t want to improve the justice system of the west because they have an enormous vested interest in continuing the same. This is the basic message of journalist, Evan Whitton in an interview with Michael Duffy on ABC RN this week. Whitton who has, for decades, been observing how the law really works, argues that the European investigative model is far more efficient and just than Australia’s adversarial legal system. See the full transcript of the interview here.

So, how do we make the justice system, Just?

As we see signs of the fours horseman of the apocalypse riding across the lands: Tempestuous Weather, War, and Economic Collapse; may be Judicial Collapse will be the final sword stroke that will bring the world to its knees. What shall stand as the four horsemen wheel once again, and then again, scything and scattering whatever stands on unstable foundations?

What will stand is that which has been built of a firm foundation that is not in the perishableness of the material world but in the protection and progress of a humanity that can look after all its brothers and sister.

Part of this “looking after’ comes from justice, and, as Whitton points out that, “Justice Russell Fox who researched the law for 11 years after he retired from the federal court in Australia, and his definition is this: justice means fairness, fairness means truth, truth means reality, and the search for truth gives a legal system its moral dimension, otherwise, he says, the likely winner will be the one with the most money and the cleverest lawyers. And because our system does not try to find the truth, it does not tick any of those Justice Fox’s boxes…and I could also say that Justice Fox also says that the public know that justice marches with the truth, and what means is that 99.8% of the population believe justice marches with the truth, and the other 0.2%, judges and lawyers, believes it doesn’t. And finally, if any politician was game enough to try and change the system to a truth-seeking system he would have the support for the first and last time in his life of the vast majority of voters.”

Evan Whitton’s latest book is called Our Corrupt Legal System: Why Everyone is a Victim (Except Rich Criminals). That’s published by Book Pal.


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