Queensland Police Force above the Law

Six police officers who deliberately perverted the course of justice and, in doing so, have become complicit in the killing of an Aboriginal man by the police officer they were investigating, have been protected from prosecution. The Police Officer in question dropped his considerable weight with such force that it ruptured the man’s liver. While the Police Officer may not have meant to kill the Aboriginal man, there can be no doubt that such injuries are impossible to produce without deliberation. It is further evidence for the failure of the Australian justice’ system to find truth and prosecute accordingly. So now the Crime and Misconduct Commission of Qld have shown this to be the case, they are unable to be prosecuted due to a loophole in legislation that allows the Police Commissioner to ignore their wrong doing and prevent charges being brought against them by the Public Prosecutor.

The leadership of the Police Department in Queensland have through this 6 year period, thumbed their noses at the people of this state and the democracy. Somewhere we have managed to allow the development of a police department culture that sees itself above the law, above the people, above the democracy.

The Premier and Minister for Police in this state must now answer what they are now going to do to prevent people being killed and assaulted by police officers, and to bring police officers to account. I am not interested in seeing these police officers in gaol, anymore than I think anyone except patently dangerous people should be in gaol. Yet, no one should be allowed to escape their responsibility towards the State, and the people. The State must, on behalf of the people, bring people who have committed criminal acts to account. The account must be relevant to the degree of the harm. In the case of the perpetrator of the manslaughter, he should be bound to provide appropriate service to the family who lost their son, husband, sibling, father, for 10 years of his life. This shall not be a fulltime task except that it occur through financial and direct service support to that family. The degree of that task should be determined in mediation with the family which aim is for the perpetrator to provide an adequate apology for his wrong and work with the family until their forgiveness of him is complete.

Any group of people who have dispensation from the law are defacto rulers of the State. These people are also anarchic elements within society, bringing favour or destruction upon the people in an ad hoc manner, only to protect their own and advance their own. To have such groups with such power is anachronistic to a democratic society, and a move toward anarchy or totalitarianism, and, as such a police state is enacted.


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