Hamish the Cartoonist

Hamish' Cartoon of a Folk Singer

Last week, flying to Brisbane, I found myself sitting next to a block who, sometime into the flight, took out a sketchbook and began swiftly drawing cartoons. I couldn’t resist. “Couldn’t help but noticing your sketching. Great stuff,” says I.

“Thanks” came back the easy reply.

“Do you do this for particular purpose?” I asked.

“To pass the time.” he says, as he turns another blank page.

“Well you’re very good”, I admired.

“Been doing it since I was a kid”, he offers, “every spare moment I take out my sketch book. When I was at school, one year my maths book started with maths and a small drawing in one corner and by the end of the year it had a small bit of math and a whole page of drawing.”

We talked about his family upbringing in drawing.

“You wouldn’t do requests, by any chance?”, I asked.

“Yeh, all the time”, he said.

I handed him my IPAD open at the Sketchbook App. Briefly showing him how the stylus and the app worked, I suggested, as I am organising the Children Festival of the Tableland Folk Festival, he draw a Folk Singer.

Here is his cartoon. Thanks Hamish.


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