Kelsey and Sepideh’s Wedding

I haven’t managed, yet to write on, my son, Kelsey’s marriage to Sepideh Tara on the 8th April 2011, so here I am, finally.

The outdoor ceremony saw an intermittently rainy day, so the organisers set up under a permanent marquee on the riverside at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. While open to the river, passers-by, and with a backdrop of an old naval storage shed, the ceremony was encapsulated, focused, and intimate. The natural mildly overcast light at 1-3 pm played well to the conduct of the ceremony and for taking photographs. See some of the thousands on the Flickr site on the right menu, here.

The bride and groom arrived appropriately late, and together, in a open car.

The MC and civil celebrant for the Baha’i Faith, opened proceedings with a lovely introduction to Baha’i marriage, including a note to the uninitiated as to the singular and concise vow that is exchanged and is the indication that a marriage has been confirmed. The vow, “We will all, verily, abide by the Will of God” completed the program. Prayers and beautiful songs were contributed by Kelsey’s twin brother, Nathan and his wife, Danielle; the cousins, Saphira and Danika; and two other friends.

Following the signing of the legal documents, guests stayed for refreshments and socilisation while the professional and amateur photographers ran the crowd.

Finally, we left the bride and groom with the photographer to go to other locations. We await with anticipation, the complete professional set.

The reception was held that evening at the Sebel Hotel in Brisbane. It was a wonderful event, complete with a jiving entrance by the bridal party, cupcake tower, marvellous speeches in honour of the bride and groom and a rap speech by Kelsey’s brothers, Nathan and Reuben. Dancing, of a mostly Persian variety, was entered into enthusiastically by all. The evening finished around 11 pm with the bride and groom passing under a human arch which then chased them around the venue for a while.

It was a wonderful day. I love my son and his new wife, Sepideh. My wishes for them were expressed in my speech to them, that started as a review of Kelsey:

As a father, the stages of a son’s development are an amazing and, sometimes, strange adventure. Kelsey has had a capacity for a skepticism that allowed him to be at once a person his peers looked up to, and to also avoid taking any firm leadership role.

Kelsey has always been straightforward, albeit a little dry of wit. When asked why he wanted to give up playing the saxophone at age 15, he replied without any particular emotion that it was his adolescent rebellion.

Kelsey has also a penchant for cruise control. It came as a bit of a surprise to me that he did so well at high school on an hour of study per day. Well that’s my perception. However, he cruised his way through Baha’i youth training programs, eventually volunteering at the House of Worship in Delhi, and supporting Aboriginal youth program in Mossman in North Queensland, before entering University.

And so I am not at all disappointed with Kelsey’s easy going attitude. His strength is to ignore things extraneous to the challenge at hand. His other strength is to evoke belief in his capacity, from others, just by being Kelsey. I know, because of this, Kelsey will focus on the darling of his life, and be singularly supportive. I know his darling and all his many friends here will help him develop that leadership capacity we see in him.

Kelsey and Sepideh are young people and as so many young people they have a dramaturgical consciousness. Don’t worry about the big word. It comes from the William Shakespeare quote, “All the world’s a stage.” It means that they are world citizens, they don’t even think about it.

It is beyond me to even begin to imagine the service for humanity they will effect together. No doubt they will walk that stage of the world with a casual aplomb, I can only dream.

I invite you to live life well in all aspects. I raise a salute to your new life together.  To Sepideh and Kelsey.


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