First Impressions “New Culture of Learning”

Finally arrived, a copy of “A New Culture for Learning” by Douglas Thomas and John Steely Brown. I feel a little dismayed as I read the first two chapters, that it seemed all orientated towards new / digital media.  There are also supportive comments about schools as environments. While I appreciate the attempt of the authors to have schools occur to the reader in a new manner, I postpone my acquiescence on the need to reform the school in the community environment. As I sit here, in front of my blog page, and flick through the book, a momentary guilty feeling pings as I note the section on ‘blogging’. “Am I being a bit hypocritical here?” On reflection, I find that it is not the new media that I am finding frustrating, but the loss of learning, especially among teenagers, by them being within the confines of current school environments. Facing the possibility that the work of Thomas and Brown converges into a learning space that also includes the engagement of the student of any age with the natural environment and the local community, I shall read on with open interest.


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