The Game

When I recently undertook the Landmark Education forum, it was pointed out that many of us are spectators in our own lives, sitting in the grandstand and criticizing the players and umpires on the field for not doing it good enough for us. The exhortation was, “Get out of the stands and onto the field.” “Note”, said the forum leader (my paraphrasing, “how differently things occur to you when you are in the stands compared to when you are playing a game with a team. Isn’t it that when you are playing for a team, you are only concerned with how you help the team win the day, and accept with them, loss or win.”

This morning, reading from my daily Baha’i reading book, here was this gem from 100 years ago (so different analogy) along the same lines.

“These days are swiftly passing and this mortal life will remain fruitless and without result. Therefore, while there is yet time and the arrow is in the bow, enter ye the chase and strike ye the game. This game is the good pleasure of God, and this chase is the merciful Providence; that is living in accord with the divine instructions.” Abdul-Baha  The divine instructions in the Baha’i Faith are the teachings of Baha’u’llah (the founder) on individual virtue and a vision for building a global civilisation He called the Most Great Peace.


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