The Transformative Future of the Arts

Until this article, I didn’t realise there was a divide between the creative industries and the arts. My local university trains their performing artists under a degree of creative arts. To be sure, for them it is all about providing training for a self-sustaining occupation in the creative process, however to me the whole artistic process will, like scientific explorations, become more multidisciplinary to make the next great breakthroughs in artistic expression.

There may be more at stake here than just some new exciting art, entertainment, or design. At stake is the transformation of national and global politics. Much of the arts of today hasn’t changed in any essential approach since Shakespeare, DaVinci, Michaelangelo: the artists becomes technically proficient, gets a commission or provides a product for a fee, the work is targeted to a buyer (church, nobility, mass audience) with a specific appetite. The appetite is driven by the political milieu of the time, and that is the single driver behind the development of genre within an artistic field. So, there is a genre change as the dominant political power changed from the Roman Empire to the Kingdoms of the Renaissance to the Early democratic society. However the artistic expression continues to reflect individualisation, argumentativeness, seduction, misogyny, horror, and even paedophilia. This expression reflects, in otherwords, the socio-political mindsets of the recent millenia. Particularly since the twentieth century, that mental landscape has been undergoing dramatic change. Unfortunately, rather than recognise and being at the forefront of that change, both politics and the arts have been scrambling to keep up, to maintain or exact their power, oft-time simply bludgeoning their way into the psyches of the masses.

Yet, steadily, almost mercilessly, the inexorable tide of transformation of the global civilisation on the psyches of humanity, is demanding a new expression, both in politics and therefore in the arts. The new expression is of: a greater individual independence of mind; a greater empathy and cooperativeness; and equality and synergy of men and women; the investigation and clarity of reality; the education of children; the empowerment of youth; a chastity, loyalty, and integrity; and service. The arts have a great opportunity to lead the way. The questions for todays artists and creative industries are not technical, they are philosophical. How will we be independent and cooperative, champion equity and synergies, investigate reality, honour our word, and serve humanity? The extraordinary feat of attempting to extract a minor insight on these questions, into an artistic expression, will revolutionize the arts and the politics of this nation and the planet.


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