Cairns Post 1943

1943 Cairns Post P5

1943 Cairns Post P5

While packing up and cleaning out my parent’s house and farm sheds, this year, I came across yet another modest A4 envelope in a box of documents, books and assortments. As my parents had been farming since 1960, and my father since 1944, I had become a bit obsessive about looking at all documents in every pile in every drawer and box, in case their was some interesting document that might create an historical trail for our family. Still, it surprised me to find, in this envelope, a quite pristine 1943 Cairns Post. A 50th anniversary of the Cairns Post, Souvenir edition, and printed when my father was a 14year old student at Cairns Highschool, as World War II took centre stage of North Queensland, it was certain to have captured his imagination. In context, WWII saw Cairns as a bustling byway for the War with huge numbers of Australian and US troops and airplanes flowing back and forth of the Pacific war.

I have scanned some of the paper here.


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