The Evolution of the Global Mind

The argument over the relative virtues of science and religion often revolves around an appreciation (or lack) for the process of evolution. Of the process of evolution, the most misunderstood or poorly communicated aspect is the process of selection. If we take a stroll down that story, we find a straightforward example in the age of the dinosaur. The dinosaurs had the run of the planet for about 150 million years. They were powerful in so very many physical ways. An asteroid slamming into Earth brought their run to a, fairly, sudden end. The insignificant mammal species survived the aftermath of the asteroid impact. They could handle the cold and dark and altered gaseous state of the atmosphere. They were without as many predators. They flourished. They had become selected just as their more powerful predecessors became de-selected.
With the dinosaurs out of the way, the conditions for mammal mutation were so favorable, primates were soon developed and 75 million years later, homo sapien sapien stalked out of Africa.
10,000 years ago very early forms of religion got a hefty boost in form, at the same time that humans discovered cropping. Cropping was aided by religion to form villages. Villages discovered manufacture of things too big to carry like storage pots. Storage pots led to towns. Towns led to embellishments – arts, crafts – and trade. Religion got another boost with the conceptualisation of monotheism and an idea of a huge unified society. Towns became cities. Cities became kingdoms. Kingdoms became empires. Religion received another boost, to either use a host empire to spread it message of a greater unity, as in the case of Christianity; or, as in the case of Islam, destroying the stagnant political barrier to its success. God, it seems, will not be thwarted In populating the planet and in reuniting it.
Once populated, and key empires had been constructed with advanced tools, the globalization of society could develop. Along with the possibility for globalisation, sciences became realised to an extraordinary extent. As the final connections between all the people’s of the planet were being established, Baha’u’llah founded the Baha’i Faith to purposefully assist the final unity of civilisation, a planet wide civilisation, and an extraordinary advancement of humanity.
While science is a key and fantastic tool in that advancement, it should not be confused with the prime motivator for the civilisation to be. It should not also be confused as a self organising organism in itself. The development of that civilisation, and the tools of science, like all previous leaps in human advancement, requires religion. In particular the teachings of Baha’u’llah provide the essential understandings of being that is required for humanity to continue to thrive, and the great leaps forward that will happen with the greater unity of the global mind of humanity.


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