I may have become a fan of KRS-One



I am not sure I have ever heard his music, however that is going to change very soon. I am talking about Lawrence Krisna Parker, KRS-One, who has made his way to Australia for a hip-hop tour, on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship. Reported in the Australian today, I was impressed by his stance toward Aboriginal youth, parents and humanity as a whole.

“My theory is that hip-hop is the most advanced version of civilisation on earth and we are here to usher the rest of humanity into the Age of Aquarius,” he says. “I am here to teach hip-hop.  Sometimes I’ll be here teaching and there will be no concerts whatsoever. The youth here are more interested in mimicking Europe or America than playing the didgeridoo themselves . The best thing I can do is tell them that if they are really hip-hop, go work for your father, go and respect your grandmother and make sure you know your culture. I want the young people to understand, hip-hop is not greater than your father’s culture. I’m here to kneel at their father’s knee and let the young kids see the KRS they are lauding is nobody compared to their fathers.”

KRS-One, you may have made a fan.


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