Fishes and Oceans; Being and Dancing

Reef fishI expect that, when you woke up this morning, you didn’t fall flapping on the floor, gasping for air until you remembered that, of course, you can breath air, you have lungs. You didn’t have a long philosophical debate about whether it was an appropriate form of breathing, to breath air with lungs. Fish, of course, live in the salty ocean, also without any philosophical complaint, nor any distress, nor any enquiry. Humans, like fish, tend to be oblivious to our capacities and tendencies where they are indistinct from our survival in the sea in which we swim.

Humans, unlike fish, became ‘being’ at the first moment of realisation that, indeed there is a distinction, that the sea (the world) will not ensure our survival, but that we can bring capacity to bear on the world to enhance that assurance. However, we then create a dance between ourselves and the non-sentient world around how far we can separate from each other and the world, and what good it does our progress, to separate. As we weave this dance, we create cultural seas within which, for a time, we feel ‘right’. However the dance is destined to perturbation and eventually disintegration. What do we do, when this disintegration occurs? Without integration in the world and our human relationships, we cannot breath, there is no automatic ‘rightness’, and logical answers, while helpful, are diverse and energy expensive, making them often unworkable.

Baha’u’llah, references His own mission in this process. The world’s equilibrium hath been upset through the vibrating influence of this most great, this new World Order. Mankind’s ordered life hath been revolutionized through the agency of this unique, this wondrous System — the like of which mortal eyes have never witnessed.

Immerse yourselves in the ocean of My words, that ye may unravel its secrets, and discover all the pearls of wisdom that lie hid in its depths. Take heed that ye do not vacillate in your determination … This is the changeless Faith of God, eternal in the past, eternal in the future. Let him that seeketh, attain it; and as to him that hath refused to seek it — verily, God is Self-Sufficient, above any need of His creatures.”

By encouraging humanity to “Immerse yourself in the ocean of My Words ” I wonder that Baha’u’llah is evoking for humanity a completely new culture, completely new relationships, an ocean for us to swim, within which the whole of humanity is successful, even extraordinary in progress, but which realisation comes about from being fully transformed into a ‘being’ that breathes the Word of God from Baha’u’llah.

It seems the dance is reinstated. For those who give their whole life to immerse themselves in the ocean of His words, they live in another world and are creating a new attractor for the dance, a new way of being. For those who are fishing from that ocean, not convinced that they can live within, new products and forms are brought forth. Those who wander on the beach head notice the remnants of recent generations of effort, wasted in the sand, and are inspired. And those who spend their days eking an existence from a briny wastewater, hear only rumours of a seemingly mythological paradise, and ignore them.

“Immerse yourselves” is Baha’u’llah’s tantalising invitation. Become a new being in a new ocean, living effortlessly in an extraordinary culture that no other generation of humanity has dreamed, is the implication.


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