The Innovation Renaissance

In his TED talk and Book, Alex Tabarrok, dispells the myth that patents are good for innovation. Rather, after spending a lengthy introduction to that problem his eye swerves to an obvious but lateral solution: education. In, what Tabarrok defines as the $40 trillion reward for the USA, he analyses the growth of productivity in the USA since WWII and the relationship between increased and decreased productivity to the educational progress. In short when educational progress stagnated, so did productivity and vice versa. Tabbarrok estimated that a 25% increase in overall educational scores across the workforce would result in a $40 trillion bonus over 80 years.

Tabarrok then goes on to define the solution to increasing these scores to quality in teaching. Explaining that the results are in on teaching with the best kindergarten teachers multiplying their effect to $320,000 per year for a class of 20 children. Tabarrok’s overall solution then is to have a policy of substituting the bottom 5% of teachers, with teachers of average (no the best) quality. And then, pay them more.

While educational systems seem hell bent on putting barriers in front of children reaching their fullest learning potential, by restricting their access to complex problem solving in society and the abstract, I suspect the best, even the average teacher in Australia well knows how to make this work. It is time to free learning for children. Freeing and rewarding excellence in teaching is the only way into the future for all humanity.




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