The Soul for the Evolving Human.

The primary human experience is not a reflection of the reality of the universe. In many ways we can be likened to that classic circuit board image in which we are a collection of antennae within reality. Our antennae are the peripheral nerve endings in our skin, joints, muscles, ears, eyes, nose, and tongue. They are circuitry in contact with reality but will only pick up certain specific types of stimulation. Much of that stimulation can only be tuned in through the movement of the body eg vision, touch, proprioception. For a large part, then, our sensory input is facilitated by a innate output from our brain to our muscular system to create movement that then causes a wave formation of some type that stimulates our peripheral nerves. The peripheral nerves conduct an electrical wave to the neural networks of the brain. The level of stimulation into the neural networks then illicit a qualia, a picture, a subjective experience of something that is preset by templates in the brain. At a certain level we become conscious of the input. Yet, ultimately, it is these brain templates of qualia that give us a representation of the world. In the overlay of the various maps of qualia relating to vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste, and movement, onto an internal clock (simultaneousness), we build up a very ‘real’ moving 3D experience of the world.

We have, then, built a wonderful piece of neural and moving technology that we call language and voice. Voice allows us to mimic the input of sound waves as they are rendered by the specific brain template, by special moving structures. The mimicry has allowed us, over many millennia, develop language. Speech allows us to use language to communicate very complex ideas to others. However, language has allowed us to use excess neural circuitry for an internal conversation that we call thinking. The internal conversation has developed to allow ‘looking’ at what we think and feel, to ‘look’ at past memories, to look for patterns in things, and then to design a possible future in words and images.

There is, in reality, then, 6 billion nodes of data filtering that construct for those nodes a sense of being individual entities in a world, a universe that is a certain thing. Yet all of us, as individual nodes, are simply constructing a story, a theatre, from our brains. We represent that theatre to each other, and to the extent we all agree that certain characteristics exist, we come to an internodal agreement on reality. All within the mostly short feedback loops of our neural networks which themselves are reporting, from our brain, that our nerves and brain exist. Well we accept on faith that because we think we exist, we exist. However, to the extent that our experience is valid, that in some way something exists that is our experience, even then, we know that we do not know anything about reality except a very small segment.

To create difficulties with our general agreement, comes people with visions of the future, experiences of past lives, being out-of-the-body, intuiting the flux of the behaviour of society or the geography through stars, metaphors (mathematics, numbers, card, dice), speaking to the dead, far-away sight, or prophetic dreams.

Yet, when we realise that our ‘reality’ is the interpretation of a very complex data analysis organism with very small bandwith of perspective, then the strange experiences of other-sight can be seen as data that is out-of-agreement. For any data flow to the brain must become a language-image in time and space – a moving 3d experience that we can already relate, that seems familiar.

The movement-time aspect of this experience will seem to us as if we are moving, for our brain in full moving 3D, tells us about our movement, as well  as other movement. Therefore in dreams or out-of-body or past life experiences, it will seem as if we ‘went’ somewhere or ‘came from’ somewhere. However, no movement has occurred, just information has found the antennae and stimulated a qualitative response.

In otherwords, there is no soul-within, that is moving out-of-body. However there is information being accessed from across space and time, at distances normally not able to stimulate the local human node. So the question still arises, how does the far-away information be collected by the human node?

In the model of the human soul described by Baha’u’llah, Founder of the Baha’i Faith, the soul is in association with the human vehicle from beyond time and space. Here the soul is in a state similar to a human embryo but vastly different for, presumably, it exists in a greater that time and space dimension. Such a soul is associated with the human vehicle through the human consciousness, conscience, rationality, ethicalness, and mystical reach: the human mind.

An entity beyond space and time might experience space and time as we, within space and time, perceive a design on a flat piece of paper. Allowing that some human brains can ‘tune in’ to some of the information that the immature soul perceives, then some of that information might come from our past, our future, or just another perspective of our present.

Such a model of the soul present other possibilities. Perhaps that soul has all and clear access to all our time and space. And our access to that information is related to the development, evolution of the human mind. Is it here that the teachings and the laws of the Manifestations of God have their highest expression, in establishing the conditions for that evolution of the mind and all minds. Among those conditions are peacefulness, mindfulness, and selflessness. Consider this model a little more. Not only might it establish access to far-away knowledge, it would, as a social capacity create access to far-away communication.

While I might, here, be vastly underestimating the reality of the human soul, it occurs to me that a signal outcome of this new model of the human soul that Baha’u’llah has taught, provides an impetus to the next evolution of the human mind and a very real transformative evolution of human communication and intelligence, an evolution as a new organism of human collectiveness.


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