The Art of Movement 1

So I’m painting the room that will be my new movement/dance studio and serve what social functions I have. It has been a long time getting this far and it seems that life is playing out a bit slowly. Nontheless, plenty of time to listen to ABC podcasts and contemplate on the possibilities for my contribution to the world of movement art, dance, and somatic training.

So I’ve begun to design a program called “The Art of Movement” that will be able to feature the quite large range of ideas that can be incorporated in exploring human movement as a creative vehicle.

However, frustrated by my need to be disciplined around physical renovations that will create the base for my future work, yet wanting to get into the art, an idea bout looking at the functionality of my activities through the lense of performance.

And that little thought lead to these photographs taken as I prepare for another session of work. I’ve titled them: The Art of Movement:Painting.

Warning: This looks simple but I’ve been training around my balance quite a bit, so DON’T do this on a ladder unless you’re confident you’ve trained up for it. I am 55 years old, and while I hope I can show what is possible in physical training for the average Joe, Be Responsible.

Painting_0001 Painting_0002Painting_0003    Painting_0006Painting_0004Painting_0005

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