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A breath test for malaria

It may not have the ferocity of a lion or the killer instinct of a shark, but there’s a fair argument to be made that the humble mozzie is the world’s top killer. In 2013 alone, half a million people died from malaria. Thankfully, a collaborative team working with our scientists have identified a distinct chemical in the breath of malaria sufferers, making future detection as easy as a breath test.

Read about this new detection method on our blog.

Chocolate bunny

Nanotech prize a first for women in science

A nanoparticle is one billionth of a metre. It might be hard to appreciate how small that is but our resident nanoscientist Amanda Barnard understands this “invisible” world. So it’s no wonder that the Foresight Institute announced Amanda as this year’s awardee of the prestigious 2014 Feynman Prize for Nanotechnology (Theory) – it’s like the Nobel Prize of the nanoscience world. Not only is Amanda the first Australian in the Prize’s 22-year history to win the award, she’s also the first woman, shining a much-needed spotlight on the achievements of women in science.

Read about Amanda’s outstanding achievement on our blog.


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