Do We, Are We, Created?

Well, someone asked a question, and it resonated with some things I’d read around quantum physics. So here are a few concepts I put together. And I feel I should apologise ahead for how obscure it reads the second time ’round:
1. An individual particle has an uncertain characteristic. However once two particles are there, an entanglement exists that finds the particles behaving a particular way, even when great distances apart.
2. Entanglement might also work across time (spooky action by delay) and the usual notion of time-space is now being challenged ie causality is being challenged. Time may be a result of entanglement.
3. The potential to observe i(a particle’s) state in the future is enough to collapse its wave function NOW. (It makes no difference whether a human being looks at the ‘reading’ afterward). The present where our consciousness resides could be considered as a moving boundary at which the context changes from classical mechanics (the past) to Quantum mechanics (the uncertain future).
How does this relate to our possibly creating ourselves and the world? Firstly, we are all vast numbers of entangled quanta, entangled with all other quanta. Could it be that, because the child is born that at some time in the past there developed the potential to observe that the child IS? Where did that potential reside? The question might be whether we, the child, is the potential to observe a certain state of the future (in which case it already IS) or we are that IS, or possibly that, through entanglement, we are both that IS and a potential to observe it WILL BE and then IT IS. Considering that there are competing types and degrees of potential observations of the future, thus the world to BE is something different to the individual’s ‘casting’, possibly even of ourselves.

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