an open barn, screened,
waist-high grassland
and scattered trees.
young japanese people
chattering, walking along
a track, expected.

a hooded snake rises
above the grass
“move on!, I cry out,
“there’s a brown snake!”
thinking, “It’s not a brown
snake”. in dread, not a simpleAndyCapp
one-bite-can-kill-you snake
an evil thing all hooded
and domination
and resentment
and persistence.

it turns on me, flying now,
slamming into the screen wall.

two existences
surprised and not
at once I retreat
to the grassland
seated on my arab pony,
“Oh there you are.”
riding as we used to
bridle, no saddle, cantering
pony puffing, so unfit,
back to the people.

rolling up to the bitter-sweet
memory of my long dead pony
poisoned in his paddock,
the kettle on,
Lidia visited.

Lidia Zamenhof

refused by the USA
on tour of her father’s
conversation in peace,
some excitement
a moment in the sun
an itch on the nazi skin
scratched, released,
so many ways out.

“I must die
I must stay
grant our sufferings
a better world.”

last seen on the train
to Treblinka
found in my kitchen
riding out of the grassland
on my arab pony.

2 Replies to “POISON”

  1. Oh my friend this is beautiful and lethal and loving and prophetic. I love how you cross the personal and the political, the local and the global, the pastoral and the evil, eden and the hell we make of it. A wonderful poem. I’m so excited to read it!

    1. Thanks Wayne. Did you see that the first part was a dream and then the second what my wakened mind went with it? I deliberately softened the transition, made it mergent, and wonder what sort of difference it makes if I made it more obvious?

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