Today I decided to restart the count

51 years have passed and it just seems a bit dry. I kept finding myself remembering, in surprise, that it was my birthday and  I was 51. My mother rang this morning as we were going out and I was a little anxious why she was calling and asked her, “What’s wrong?” She replied, “Happy Birthday”.

So I decided that I would restart the count. So now I am ONE (1), again.

We had friends who are travelling from Estonia, here last night.  Soroor made pancakes for breakfast. We went to a Baha’i devotional meeting. Everyone brought cake. So when I told them I was only ONE, they only put one candle. I blew it out with false gusto. I was asked, “If you are one, why didn’t you cry and wet your pants when everyone sang Happy Birthday.” I said, “That is for my next First birthday.”

It has been a joyful birthday. 51 seemed dry and forgetful. But being One has been truly uplifting.