Inglourious Basterds creates distasteful resonance.

Finally watched ‘Inglourious Basterds’ on DVD, last night. I found myself liking the movie much more than I thought I would. As few movies do, I found it had the effect of making me trawl back over the movie to find the thing that appealed to me. The opening ‘Chapter’ creates a terrible foreboding that ends with a truly horrible scene but is capped by an momentary exhibition of psychotic insanity. And, gradually, looking at the patterns of characterisation, I came to realise that it is in the dissonance of the characters and within the play of scenes, that I had found the appeal. The combination of ‘mumma-boy’ soldiers and psychotic killers is everywhere in the movie. The comic rendition of the Nazi Hierachy seemed initially a trivialisation but juxtaposed against scenes of ‘normal’ people, made for a disturbing atmosphere. This morning I came to the conclusion that the movie is a caricature of a lot of humanity. This is a movie about every conflict we humans have on small and large scales. Quentin Tarantino, in ‘Inglourious Basterds’ has become a master satirical cartoonist.