Under the Staircase

Kimia Ferdowsi is a young Baha’i artist and filmmaker. Currently a candidate for an MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute, she is a 2009 winner of the NYAXE Gallery Competition. Below one can access a short film Kimia has created about the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran, with an emphasis on the death of her grandfather at the hands of the Islamic Republic soon after the Iranian Revolution.

Under the Staircase from kimia ferdowsi on Vimeo.

In a prologue to her movie, Kimia asks three questions:

“Conflict and strife are hardly rarities in this writhing world of ours. Within every border and beneath every roof an afflicted humanity cowers. How do we begin to categorize the burden we all directly or indirectly share?

The gauge that distinguishes these crises from each other, it seems, could derive from the victims’ response to oppression. It’s easy to love thy brother. Is it possible to love thine enemy?

Hatred, enmity, resentment, revolution. Such are the desperate responses we’re used to. Such is all the oppressed has to work with. How often does a community, denied the right to have a right, fight back with service?

One need seek no further than the beleaguered Baha’is of Iran.