Arts’nHealth Champions and MADness

Three major Australian organisationsBanner who have championed a national Arts and Health Policy Framework, write here on the new framework endorsed by State and Federal Ministers. I am personally thrilled as I get down to the planning of a number of projects I will be involved in 2014 including assisting the organisation of DANscienCE (National Festival of the interplays between science and dance); Cape York Critters and Wild Country (a “Wilderness Society‘ play for children’s education of endangered species on Cape York,); a new Cairns Children mini-festival; my own dance classes and a local project for DANscienCE; Children’s Festival with the Cairns Festival; and the Children’s Festival of the Tableland Folk Festival.

I guess I am starting to expand all these things by finishing the year with a MAD Party. My MAD party is not just about having a party and going a little mad, although in its own peculiar way, that is what it is about. However the key to my MAD party is understanding the particular MADness I am evoking through the party. And that particular MADness is the MADness that is evoked when people try to dissuade each other from doing an extraordinary thing by proclaiming, “Mate, you’re mad.” In this party it will be proclaimed that “Mate, you are MAD” and it will be a proclamation of enthusiasm, and encouragement. This particular MADness is about people who like that what matters in their life is Making A Difference. Already as my preparations progress a new project stirs in my mind – to make a full length trailer documentary about Tablelanders Making a Difference.

It is often though that great art goes with a little, maybe a lot, of madness. That sad madness referred in such thoughts overlooks the MAD reality of all great artists and everyone involved in the arts. Being involved in the arts improves all health parameters for the involved person and much for their friends. Artists almost always ‘Make a Difference’.

Victorian Government in Australia shows the thick edge of abortion legislation

Finally we reach the thick end of the wedge of a narcissistic atheist society – the putting to death of 24 week old human foetus by whim. From what can only be called ‘the madness’, ethicist (?) Julian Savulescu is reported in the Weekend Australian (p24, 6-7 Sept 2008) arguing for termination at full term. Well, termination at full term is definitely murder by any name. If a woman can choose to terminate at full term, why not one year post term? Savulescu argues that, if we don’t abort 24 week old foetus because we can technically keep them alive, what is the case if we can keep them alive from conception. Well, Savulescu, we can. It is called pregnancy.

Savulescu epitomises ‘the madness’ of a society that decides it has enough intelligence to do without God, without guidance. Such a society quickly slides into the ‘Brave New World’ scenarios where, instead of freedom, a slave society develops in which everyone is genetically engineered to give society a particular product, except, of course, the clever philosophers who can garner power to themselves to rule the others. And the woman become incubation facilities for the production of genetic elements. Such ‘madness’ is as like to deliver society into the hands of the superstitious who will be all to ready to spit on the grave of science.