Weipa Festival

A week past the Weipa Festival, I have been through the photos and the video clips and just getting time to sit down and write.

I joined my friend, Farvadin Daliri, the organiser of the Weipa Festival, auspiced by Malaruch Algnith Corporation, as he came through Atherton with a load of equipment, including the kitchen sink. The load was necessary because Weipa is not one of those town you can just pop into party hire for a stack of tables and chairs.It was a 13 hour trip on the Cape York Development road, 10 hours on dirt. We were thankful the graders had been over the road already since the wet season came to an end, so the surface was reasonable for the most part.

It was a five days of hard work in the humid sun, a far cry from the overcast and rainy weather of the Tablelands since February. I was glad I wore my big hat. 

While quite a bit of equipment was hired, I was impressed by the number of businesses who brought equipment in support of this infant Festival, including the stage, garbage skip and bins, and the sound gear from WhunTree Sound.

And the work and the support was worth it with over 500 people in the audience during the main festival performances, many Aboriginal people coming in from surrounding communities, a number of tourists and local Weipa townsfolk.

Performers came from Torres Strait, Djarragun College, and various others. [Youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B1LaQpkwHk%5D  It is expected that there will be a larger local content next year. Although the Festival was mostly indigenous content, the Festival is open to all performer types and hopefully we will see a growth of performers wanting to come to Weipa Festival as it will surely become part of the tourist pathway. I was surprised to meet a couple of people who came in on a yacht, who had been on the sea for 14 years and had seen a notice for the Festival at the tip of Cape York (Seisia) and came down the west coast for it on their way to the Indonesia Rally.

Well, what took a week to put up, took a day to take down, then Farvadin and I hit the road back to Atherton. He went on to Townsville.