Speak of the (Meatloaf) Devil

Talking with a friend about parts of a beast we cannot eat, the friend reported lamb or cow brain. A couple of us remembered mother crumbing and frying said brain when we were children growing up on the land. Then that disturbing scene from Silence of the Lambs II (Anthony Hopkins), came clearly to mind. Well if you’ve seen the movie, you will know the scene I’m talking. When I offered it to the group, as something that might put a person off eating brain, one of my friends immediately replied, “But what about the end of Meatloaf in the Rocky Horror Movie”. All I can say is, though I remember Meatloaf’s demise in that movie, that was still the era of the more subtle take. Special effects are so good now that all damage to the human body looks completely real and confronting. I think a Hitchcock movie would have been more implicit but in just as horrifying way. Perhaps what we imagine is worse than what we know. Which reminds me that we are primates, given to higher alert to the tiger that might be lurking in the grass, than the tiger clearly seen prowling the base of our tree.

Anyhow, I can never remember whether Meatloaf survived the 80’s, but every now and then he pops back on the radar.