Rural Resilience

Finally my old friend Professor Hegney’s team’s research on resilience of rural people has been published online. Here is my bottom line summary. Find the full paper here

Individual resilience in rural people: a Queensland study, Australia

Hegney DG, Buikstra E, Baker P, Rogers-Clark C, Pearce S, Ross H, King C, Watson-Luke A.  Individual resilience in rural people: a Queensland study, Australia. Rural and Remote Health 7 (online), 2007: 620. Available from:

Resilience = perserverance (internal toughness), adaptability (individual capacity and skills), social support (community capacity, belonging in community and family),  hope (future visions), spirituality (external faith), connectivity to the environment (belonging in place).

Resilience is undermined by multiple stressors.

To be Human is to have Faith

I have written more under my page, Baha’i – My Belief, and link to ‘What is Faith?”. My short argument is that faith is an inherent aspect of the human mind / brain function. Connected to the ability of humans to ponder on the future and recognise the possible inconsistencies in the provision of needs, faith develops on a functional structure of the brain that allows us to deduce there is a consistency in life that we can rely on. On the other hand there are many unknowns. Faith, then provides us a capacity to behave in accord to a judgement about the unknown that we can then rely. As a definition, I have come to a conclusion that Faith is a sense of security with the unknown as deducted by a belief in the consistancy of provision of resolutions to need.