The Big Me Dances

The universe, the world, is how it all occurs to me as a happening, an event, a contingency.

Recalling the words of Baha’u’llah as I would apply them to myself, “… the world is my unawareness of the Godhead and my absorption in aught else…” and that truth is founded in the primary spiritual attitude of the unfettered search: detachment from tradition; avoiding backbiting, boastful people, and evil-doers; cleansing the heart from love, hate, and pride; and living in prayer, patience, resignation, and forgiveness.

My experience gives me the sense that the Godhead operates for me through my declaration (to myself or others) in abandonment of all untrue considerations, for an enthusiasm, passion and joy.


I believe that I am living in the world, a universe of elementary materials, from which has derived my organic construction as a capability for the flourishing of a metaphysical being. I am the root growing through the soil of human life, drawing sustenance for that budding fractal splicing and looping through all the dimensions beyond time and space, all the dimensions of eternity. I believe I am both contingent and eternal, always to be “unaware” and “absorbed by”, yet also to be a sense of Godhead through how I am in truth.

And so , I dance.

TeLL Me WHo i aM

Don’t tell me
who I am.
It doesn’t matter.
I can’t understand.
Your language makes no sense.
And you do not know
in any case.
Tell me who you are.
Then I might know
who I am.

What is Baha’u’llah’s mission about?

It is extraordinarily difficult to encapsulate concisely the mission of Baha’u’llah. Here is an attempt although the reader is cautioned that each sentence here is filled with massive implication, some of which have been explained in detail in the teachings of Baha’u’llah, and some which has not.

The goal is the unification of mankind.

The watchword is unity in diversity

Truthfulness is the foundation of all spiritual development.

Prayer is indispensable to spiritual development.

Prayer is turning the mind, opening to the bounty of, and conversing with God.

And so prayer engenders susceptibilities of the higher intelligences.

The higher intelligences support the development of knowledge for the service of mankind, the improvement of human relationships and human governance, the training of children and youth, and the growth of spiritual insights.

Spiritual insight forms the basis of sacrifice (given up the lesser for the greater).

The training of children and youth creates the basic capacity that an adult will require for the lifelong development of spiritual insights.

The improvement of human relationships grows from the spiritual foundations trained in the child and youth.

The development of knowledge for the service of mankind requires a balance of abilities to apply both the strongest science and the strongest ethic to advancements in research and product in a learning culture.

The improvements of human social governance grows from the ability to foster stronger interpersonal relationships and the application of the best knowledge to the solving of difficult problems.